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75th Anniversary Album:  Three Visits, One Gift

In May 2012, when we returned to the United States after visiting Hong Kong and Singapore (read more), we brought back some new training ideas, lots of stories, and quite a few extra copies of the book commemorating the celebration in which we had just participated, The 75th Anniversary of the Founding of Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy Headquarters in Hong Kong. We began to put our ideas into practice, we told our stories (more than once), and wanted to share the extra copies of the book.


The first person to come to mind was Virgil, who Sifu Genie describes as "a true old-world gentleman from Romania who trained with us at Botsford for many years. He fell off a ladder while doing chores at home and has been wheelchair bound since." Thanks to Karen for visiting Virgil and presenting him with the book. Virgil says that "the five years at the tai chi school were a strengthening mental and physical experience that in a way prepared me for fighting the challenge of the spinal cord injury."


We also wanted to give a copy to Michigan T’ai Chi Ch’uan Institute, so at a joint workshop, Sifu Genie presented the volume to Sifus Mike Ashmore and John Marchewitz. 


The extra volumes sat on a bookshelf until Mark Lynn and Julia Hutchins, wonderful training partners of ours from the past, visited the Academy on Thursday, March 12, 2015. It's so nice they keep in touch with us. We presented Mark with Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy Headquarters 75th Anniversary Album and found him in one of the photos in the album.




Mark Lynn and Julia Hutchins
Virgil and Karen
Sifus Genie, Mike and John
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