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TTable of Respect, Hong Kong Academy


7 November, 2011 

Jeff Chui President

Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy Headquarters

37U Jordan Road

14/F Po Man Mansion

Hong Kong


Dear Wu's Practitioners,

Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy Headquarters was established in 1937 by Grand Master Wu Kung Yi, and it will be the 75th anniversary in 2012. The Headquarters' committee will be organizing an international event in Hong Kong to celebrate this important milestone, and would like to invite all our practitioners at all Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academies to join us.


The celebration event will start on May 17 in Hong Kong and end on May 27 in Singapore.


There are also 3 highlighted activities that require your academy's participation:


1. During the Anniversary Dinner on May 20 in Hong Kong, each academy is invited to organize a performance lasting 10 minutes.


2. In celebrating the 75th Anniversary, the headquarters would like to kick off an international competition, "2nd International Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Federation Competition 2012" for all the academies. The objectives of the competition are to improve inter-academy relationships, friendship and to learn from each other. In 2012, the competition will be held in Singapore.


3. The headquarters is pleased to announce that we are the Grading Institute of "Duan" of Wu's Tai Chi for China Wushu Association. Many of the Hong Kong academy's practitioners successfully obtained various "Duan" certifications this summer. The "Duanwei" examination will take place on May 19.


Our Gatekeeper and Sifu, Grand Master Wu Kwong Yu, will be leading the celebration event. On behalf of the Headquarters and Grand Master Wu, I look forward to celebrating with you at our 75th anniversary.


Jeff Chui


17/5/2012 (Thu)          AM/PM Overseas Members Arrive

18/5/2012 (Fri)            AM Workshop by Grand Master Eddie Wu Kwong Yu

19/5/2012 (Sat)           AM/PM "Duan" Grading Examination

20/5/2012 (Sun)          AM Performance Rehearsal 

                                    PM Annual Dinner

21/5/2012 (Mon)        AM/PM Free Time

22/5/2012 (Tue)         AM/PM Macau Tour

            (Highlight: Pay Respect to Late Grand Master Wu Kung Yi)

23/5/2012 (Wed)        AM Flights to Singapore

24/5 (Thu)                  Sightseeing Bus Tour around Singapore

                                   Dinner at Singapore Academy

25/5/2012 (Fri)          Free and Easy

26/5/2012 (Sat)         2nd International Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Competition

                                  Evening Banquet

27/5/2012 (Sun)        Leave Singapore

75th Anniversary Celebration
Founding of the Hong Kong Academy
Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore, May 17–27, 2012



Bob, Mary Jane, Deirdre, Dennis, Ethan, Georgia and Paul all traveled to Southeast Asia to join in the 75th Anniversary Celebration. Thanks to all of them and to the Event photographers and Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy Headquarters for sharing their photos. Credit for the videos is due primarily to Paul.

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