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Health Benefits of Tai Chi Training continued

A Little Over A Year Ago, When I Began, My Blood Pressure Was 150/86.

This was considered "normal" but bordered on high. My cholesterol was under control, but even though I was lifting weights and working on a treadmill, I couldn't seem to raise my HDL numbers from the low 30's, and my Triglyceride number was way out of sight. I haven't really changed my diet, and if anything, I lift weights and get on the treadmill less, because I'd rather put the time into Taiji practice. My most recent blood pressure reading was 120/76, my HDLs are over 40, and my Triglyceride levels are now within normal range. Nothing else has really changed but Taijiquan, Whatever it is, something good is going on.   Rick

Increased Range of Motion

After I had been involved with tai chi for only two months, I experienced a greatly increased range-of-motion in my shoulders. Previously, while driving, I would have to slide my hands down along the steering wheel when turning left or right. Now I find I can maintain my hand position on the wheel without any pain in my shoulders.   Claire Sobson

I Am 76 Years Old

Tai chi has helped with my carpel tunnel and I have better movement of my arms. My balance has also improved along with my flexibility. And there is such a peaceful feeling after each work-out. Thank you.   Janet Cauzillo

I Was Skeptical That Tai Chi Could Really Work As Far As Being A Good Way To Meditate And To Calm Down

I just wanted to thank you again for coming to teach at UMD. I'll be honest, at first I was skeptical that Tai Chi could really work as far as being a good way to meditate and to calm down. I stress out very easily and from time to time have anxiety attacks because of all the pent up stress. It's especially bad this time of year because of finals and everything else that is due. A few weeks ago I had an anxiety attack and instead of freaking out even more (like I usually do) I just went up to my room and practiced the form a little bit. To my surprise it actually calmed me down! After that, anytime school started to get to me, I would just close my eyes and try to take a few deep breaths and really concentrate on my breathing or I would go to a place where I could do the form in private, and it has really helped me out. I had two finals yesterday and I don't think I have ever been so peaceful before taking exams. I really enjoyed learning about the history of Tai Chi as well. Everything you told us about it was very interesting to me.   Laura

I Was Introduced To Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan When I Was 44 Years Old

I had had many years of logging, carpentry, and hard style martial arts before seeking a Tai Chi teacher. When I was 39, my Shaolin teacher told me that I had reached an age, which would soon end my martial arts practice unless I switched to Tai Chi. After 5 years of searching, I discovered Wu Style Tai Chi.At the time I started Tai Chi, I had many physical problems: painful nunchuk elbow dent, left ring finger at an odd angle from a bad Tae Kwon Do block, life long back pain - only briefly controlled by visits to the chiropractor, Woody Allen posture involving head hung forward, walk with toes out and knees frequently collapsing inward, intermittent sciatic nerve pinch that on one occasion resulted in a painful paralysis of my right foot. I had practiced with several other Tai Chi styles before Wu Style. However, those teaching had no direct supervision from anyone. After learning the basics of the form, little additional correction was available. Under these conditions, what I was practicing did not produce any improvements for my problems. Wu Style, as taught by Sifu Genie, has magnificently affected my physical and mental well-being. I am now 67 years old and every one of my previous problems is now gone, or fully controlled by my ongoing practice. The rewards of Tai Chi come after long hard work, and are well worth the effort.   Bob Roth

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