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Weekend Workshop with Grandmaster Eddie Wu  

 September 7–8, 2013

We had a wonderful weekend with the Grandmaster! He and Simo Winnie, his wife, arrived midday Saturday. This year's teaching was a continuation of his work with us last year, including instruction about internal power. We also went through the entire 108 form, and ended with a study of several power generation techniques.


The Grandmaster is always an amazing teacher. This time he had a group of 24 students of Sifu Genie's from many different classes. He was able to give everyone individual attention and corrections, and we all learned a lot. We also had a great deal of fun, with tasty snacks for everyone.


The weekend ended with three new teachers certified. This makes a total of nine officially certified teachers, at the Ann Arbor Academy, with six endorsed to teach up to the advanced level. The Grandmaster was impressed with this, and as always praised Sifu for leading us to such a high level in our training. We are grateful to Sifu and to the Grandmaster for their continued guidance in Wu style tai chi chuan.


Thanks to Ellen for the write-up, and to Dennis and Paul K. for the photos. 

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