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Grandmaster Eddie Wu Visits the Ann Arbor Academy 

 September 10 and 11, 2011

Once again we were fortunate that Grandmaster Eddie Wu Kwong Yu took the time to visit our school. His demonstrations of expertise, power and generosity left us a tremendous legacy. The weekend was particularly exciting because Grandmaster Wu inducted two new disciples and certified six new intermediate instructors who will teach under the wing of Sifu Genie Parker.



The Six Levels of Tai Chi Chuan: Levels 1 - 4 
The Six Levels of Tai Chi Chuan: Levels 4 - 6 
Power in Softness 
Three Sections Nine Parts
Nine Palace 
Lift the Crown - Drop the Hip 
Horse Stance
Repulse Monkey I 
Repulse Monkey II
Power Generation - First Warm-Up
Conclusion of Tai Chi Chuan:
Form Refinement or Application?
Power Generation - An
Brush Knee Push - An:
Form Refinement or Power Generation?
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