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Best Wishes for All Good Things in the New Year!

We invite you to try Wu Style in 2022.

Our dedicated community cultivates and supports the practice

of Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan for physical and mental well-being. 


We Have a New Academy Space!

We're excited to be reopening soon in the Chapelle Business Center in Ypsilanti. Our virtual Zoom classes will continue while we get settled in. We will gradually introduce in-person and hybrid classes with safety protocols.

Stay tuned for updates! 

See our "Classes/Pricing" page for current schedule and details.


Learn more about Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan at our Federation site www.wustyle.com


Through Sifu Genie, who is a disciple of Grandmaster Eddie Wu Kwong Yu, the Academy has direct lineage to the International Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Federation and is certified by the Wu family. Grandmaster Wu is the head of the fifth generation of the Wu family and the Gatekeeper of Wu Style.  He visits the Academy at least once a year, providing instruction and guidance.


The school is headed by Sifu Genie Parker, Chief Instructor-Midwest, who has over thirty years' experience training and teaching Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan. She is the first non-Chinese woman to take on disciples for the Wu family, and only the third person in North America to be so honored​.


Hand Forms

108 Standard, 108 Round, and 54-Step Competition 

Pushing Hands

Basic, Forward/Backward, Half Step, Chain Step, Large Circle,     

Lean Forward/Sit Back, Nine Palace, Circular Nine Palace, Roll Elbow,

One-Handed Offsetting, Free Style

Chi Gong

Twenty-Four Forms


Saber, Double-Edged Sword, Spear

Sparring Forms

Instructor Training

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Ages & Ability Levels

We Teach Traditional Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan
Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels
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