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In addition to chief instructor, Sifu Genie, are there other instructors?

Yes, we have several instructors certified by Grandmaster Sifu Eddie Wu Kwong Yu who assist Sifu Genie. We are proud to be a part of the Wu Family's traditions of teaching the next generation of practitioners and instructors. 

I am 73 and know I learn more slowly than some of the other students. Sometimes I feel a little inferior and wonder if I will ever make it through the 108 form.

Sifu frequently reminds us that "learning more quickly doesn't mean you're a better person." We welcome all ages and abilities, and want you to know that you are a wonderful addition to our school. We all learn in different ways and at different rates. Be persistent, keep coming to class, and you will experience the many health benefits of tai chi chuan while completing the 108 form in your own time.

When I receive corrections in class from Sifu or an assistant instructor, I sometimes feel self conscious, as if I'm not doing very well. What should I do?

In training tai chi chuan, receiving corrections is actually a good thing. It means that whoever is teaching you recognizes that you are ready for more detail and accuracy. Eventually, you'll be saying "thank you" and really meaning it!

Sometimes another student corrects me, and I'm not sure s/he's right. What should I do?

Only Sifu or assistant instructors are designated to teach and/or correct students. 

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Weather Policy: If the local public school district has closed its schools, we will not hold Tai Chi classes in that location.

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